I have to admit that I have not wanted to turn on the oven this summer (I know, shame on this food blogger). If you follow me on Instagram and on Facebook, you might have noticed I’ve been grilling quite a bit, making lots of paletas, and cold salads – Anything to stay cool in this heat! When Princess House asked me to test out their new bake and serve stone I was quite intrigued. Especially, when they said I could place it on an outdoor grill.  I honestly was expecting a very boring, round, and heavy stone that I was going to have to season for hours. Once it arrived I was in shock. First of all, it’s very pretty – It’s made of clay and has a unique matte non-stick finish. And it only took 5 minutes to season. All I had to do was wipe some oil on it and place it in the oven and bake it at 350 degrees for 5 minutes. That’s it!


You can cook on it and even use it as a warmer because it keeps food hot up to 30 minutes. And like I mentioned it can be used on a gas or charcoal grill. It is also perfectly safe for the oven and the broiler. This product would be perfect to cook meat, roast and grill seafood and veggies, and even make fresh or frozen pizzas, nachos, or cookies. And you can even use it in the freezer to chill and serve cold appetizers. Genius, right?

Now my next thought was, “What should I make first?” I was going to make a pizza, but wanted something easier, so I made huaraches instead. To find the basic huaraches recipe click here. This one is very similar, but simpler. I layered the huaraches with refried beans, fresh tomato and avocado slices, topped them with Oaxaca cheese, and garnished them with a basil leaf. It’s a heavenly layer of summer flavors.


After making these I thought this would be fun to try again for a party and let guests top their own huaraches with their choice of toppings. Wouldn’t that be fun? Making these huaraches outdoors made me feel as if I was a street vendor in Mexico. I kinda was actually pretending I was. The huaraches actually turned out tastier on this stone then they normally do when I make them indoors. I normally cook the masa on a comal and then I broil them for a few minutes after I top them, but the broiler tends to dry out the huaraches too much. This stone is very smart – The masa was perfectly cooked and the best part is they stayed soft and warm after I made them.


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Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. All opinions shared about this product are my own.