Do you remember the recipe contest for a chance to win the 2011 Muy Bueno Calendar? We received numerous emails with tempting recipes, but we couldn’t resist this salad of grilled nopal with carrot, jícama, and beet recipe by Kathleen. We loved that she used our calendar cover photo as her inspiration and really put some thought into her entry. She posted the recipe on her blog and Jeanine; our lovely photographer whipped it up at home and took some gorgeous photos of it and had this to say about it…

“This was a beautifully colorful salad to photograph, and I am personally a beet lover – but have never had them raw before, and they are great. Loved how sweet everything was and the contrast in texture to the grilled cactus…but you definitely have to stick to the (1) minute per side on the cactus to keep the crisp texture of it. Over all, it is sweet with lots of texture and tastes good – and healthy at the same time.  FYI…be prepared to have pink hands from shredding the beets – it makes a nice dye as well!”

Thanks to everyone who entered! We look forward to promoting more contests in the future!

Thank you for sharing your recipe Kathleen! Your Muy Bueno calendar is in the mail! ¡Felicidades!

Visit the lucky winner at Cooking in Mexico

Photography by Jeanine Thurston

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