wine yvette baked brie

As a mom, it’s easy to forget about yourself. I’ve been starting to make myself a priority and do some of the things I used to do before I had children. Now that my children are getting older its easier to escape and go for a walk, or go to the mall, or meet up with a friend to get our nails done, or have a friend over for a glass of wine (or two).

I have come to learn that my time is needed. I believe it makes me a better woman, wife, and mother. When I do something I want to do, I feel rejuvenated, calmer, and ready to take on the next challenge, even if it’s the giant pile of dishes in the sink.

I cherish my friends that are also mothers, who realize time away from our children is valuable. I have a friend who I have become very close with. Our children get along wonderfully, our husbands have been friends since college, and her and I enjoy any excuse to get together.

I especially love when she calls me unplanned and wants to get together for a glass of wine. Now that summer is right around the corner I look forward to many spontaneous gatherings.

If you have a friend who calls you up and wants to get together, but you don’t have a bottle of wine ready, watch my video to learn how I chill a bottle of wine in 15 to 20 minutes. Wet a paper towel and wrap it around the wine bottle and place it in the freezer. The dampness holds in cold better, and having the icy cold towel pressed against the bottle ensures that the entire surface of the bottle is being chilled. My only advice is to be sure to turn on a timer because you do not want to forget about it and let it freeze. Believe me, I’ve been there done that. Or make this baked brie with fig preserves recipe while your wine chills.

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