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I’m a mother, and like many mothers I am always looking for tips and tricks to make my life a little less hectic and a little more efficient. When Kimberly-Clark asked me to be a part of their Celebrate Family Values program I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

They asked me to share some tips to help others take advantage of the moment and focus on what matters the most: caring for your family.

rinse lettuce tea towel

I work from home and my days just fly by in the kitchen cooking and snapping photos, or in my office typing up blog posts and recipes. Don’t even get me started on email. Before I know it, its time to pick up my kids from school, make them a snack, get them started on homework, and then its off to their afterschool activities. Lately I’ve been feeling like a taxi driver and it has been challenging to keep it all together.

dry lettuce

But as we all know, it’s all about priorities and planning. I’m determined that our family moments, like family dinners will never change.

Today’s tip is all about storing lettuce. I know I’m not the only one who has dealt with wilted and slimy leaves. Your family will eat healthy if you have healthy options, but if you have yucky salad greens no one is going to want eat that.

Watch my video to learn how to save both money and time by taking these steps in storing your greens.

Store rinsed greens in a container with paper towels and your greens will be fresh and crispy for up to 10 days. Place paper towels on the bottom of the container to help absorb extra moisture. Now you will have clean and fresh leaves at a moments notice for salads, or a sandwich, or to make healthy lettuce wraps.

store lettuce container paper towels

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A special thanks to Kimberly-Clark for sponsoring this video and blog post.