La Historia de Nosotros DVD cover

When my grandma, Jesusita was 97 years old I interviewed her and edited a mini-documentary of her life called, “La Historia de Nosotros” and made DVDs (before YouTube existed). 

I also interviewed my Tia Angelita, her older sister. It is amazing how alert they both were and remembered so many details of their lives as young girls living in Chihuahua, Mexico.

In 1916, my grandma was only 10 years old and had to leave her rancho during the Mexican Revolution with her family because Pancho Villa and his soldiers stole their land and home and threatened their lives. They left everything behind and fled in a horse carriage with only the clothes on their backs.

Four months after I filmed my grandma she passed away at the age of 98 (two days after her birthday). I was so thankful that I filmed her story. We also wrote about her story in the published Muy Bueno cookbook.

I have always been drawn to old family photos and when I saw this photo I was in awe. This is the oldest photo I have ever seen of my grandma. My grandma, Jesusita was 14 years old in this photo holding her baby sister Apolinar (Pola) on the border of Ojinaga, Mexico and Presidio, Texas.

Jesusita Mendias-Soza and Apolinar (Pola) Mendias-Ramos in Ojinaga, Texas

In celebration of a new year I wanted to share my grandmas story. She will forever and always be my biggest inspiration and the matriarch of our familia.

This video is quite amateur filmed on a tape camcorder and edited by yours truly in 2003 in Spanish. I’m excited that I finally transferred it digitally and can share “La Historia de Nosotros” (Our Story) with you.