Recycle an old, worn serape to make these easy, colorful coasters! I had a child’s size serape with a small hole that I had been meaning to donate; Thriftyrehab chose to recycle it instead.

We picked up the inexpensive wooden cut-outs from our local Michaels Store. The store had many shapes of wood to choose from, since Valentine’s Day is coming, we decided upon heart-shapes. Try these cutouts if you don’t have a Michaels Store near you.  

The heart shaped wooden coasters are nice and thick, so we decided to stain the wood on the sides and bottom. Depending on the thickness of your coasters you could also stain or paint the bottom. If you get round wood cutouts with the bark still on like these, simply leave the bark on to incorporate a natural, outdoorsy element.

Be sure that the size of the coasters will support your drinking glasses, 3.5 inches or larger. Here is a link to the big heart trivet. 


Iron the serape so that it is flat, we used heavy starch to ensure that each heart keeps its shape.

Trace each heart with the marker on the serape. Use the scissors to cut out each heart. 

Paint or stain the bottom and sides of each heart as desired. Evenly spread glue across the tops of each wooden piece and carefully apply each serape cutout.

Now all you need to do is make some queso fundido, pull up your coffee table, grab your honey, and pop open a cerveza.

Photography: Jenna Sparks & Thrifty Rehab  / DIY: Thrifty Rehab