Anyone that knows me knows that I enjoy sacred art and when my mom showed me how cute and simple these wooden crosses are to make, I knew I wanted to share her making this craft with you.

Have you ever seen anything like this? You seriously will do a double take once you realize it is made out of clothespins.

Easter or Christmas religious craft

The possibilities for assembling and displaying these clothespin crosses are endless. Wouldn’t it be a nice addition to an Easter basket?

Crafters could get really fancy with a few extras like sequin, beads, ribbon, and string. And the small ones can be hung with ribbon as an ornament.

Mexican DIY clothespin cross

I kept mine simple and rustic and hung it in my living room, highlighted in a vintage frame; it’s a special addition to my décor.

Wooden Clothespin Cross

This DIY requires only a few supplies and can be made by all skill levels. The basic supplies along with a few design ideas are below.

For an Easter cross, a white ribbon can be draped on the cross. This craft is best left to interpretation so let your imagination and creativity flow!

DIY Wooden Clothespin Cross


  • 16+ wooden clothespins (stained or natural)
  • Aluminum foil
  • Cardboard or cutting board
  • Hot glue
  • Small saw or serrated knife
  • Foam paint brush (optional)
  • Mod podge (optional)
  1. Carefully take each clothespin apart and remove the metal spring.
  2. Wrap a cardboard or cutting board with aluminum foil for a mess free surface.
  3. Arrange and glue clothespins according to the design of your choice.
  4. Seal front with Mod Podge to preserve wood color and for a slight shiny finish.
  5. Allow to dry at least 1 hour each side in well-ventilated area.
  6. Have fun!