Mini Molcajete from Williams Sonoma and Wood Pedestal from Pottery Barn

After sharing this photo of my plants and shelves in my dining room on Instagram and Facebook, I realized I’m not the only one obsessed with Mexican pottery. I have received lots of questions asking for reliable online sources to purchase Mexican pottery, so I figured I would write a blog post and update it as I come across more products along with my favorite places to shop. I will also update my online shop here:

Can you believe most of my treasures are from thrift shops, antique shops, estate sales, and Latin super markets? I love treasure hunting for anything with a Mexican or Latin twist. I also love to collect pieces when I travel to El Paso, New Mexico, California, and of course Mexico.

Now, with with magic of the internet you can find so many amazing resources and I wanted to share some of my favorites, of not only pottery, but some other pieces on these shelves.

Fabric Cocktail Napkins from Mesa Chic

Jarritos from Amazon

MolinilloBotellon de Barro, Clay Bean Pot, Cazuela, and Platos de Barro from Amazon, Talavera Baking Dish from Zinnia Folk Arts

Serape Blankets from Amazon

I’d love to hear from you. Do you have a favorite store to buy Mexican imports? Check out my list below and leave me a comment sharing your favorite shops!

Favorite Online Shops: