On my journey in writing Muy Bueno I have had conflicting feelings about posting recipes fearing that you will not want to buy my cookbook once it is published. I figured it’s like the saying: Why buy the milk, when you get the cow for free?

After some soul searching I figured why not share the recipes, after all that is why I’m writing a cookbook.

As a child I avoided the kitchen and my mother’s constant failing attempts to get me to cook. Over the past few years I finally had a change of heart and have been cooking the Mexican dishes I grew up with for my family. Now I enjoy cooking and love experimenting in the kitchen and making my own modern Latin-inspired dishes.

Just as my mother and grandmother did, I want to educate and inspire my generation along with future generations to appreciate the art of homemade Mexican food. I’m hoping that with this blog and upcoming cookbook you realize that authentic Mexican flavor does not require enormous amounts of time.

My grandma used to cook for so many visitors every Sunday and somehow the food never ran out. It was like the “miracle of the five loaves and two fish”. How she fed so many visitors still remains a mystery to me. I have decided to continue that same tradition (via cyberspace) and post a new recipe for you every Sunday in hopes that you will share it with your family and friends and create memories in your kitchen.

Is there a recipe I have mentioned or a photo that I have posted that made your mouth water? I would love to hear what dish you would like for me to post this Sunday for your next meal.

Please come back to visit on Sunday, my kitchen will be open!


Photographer: Fototails Photography