Are you looking for a homemade gift idea? How about a milk bath? Your friends will thank you for such a relaxing gift.

I recently hosted a Friendsgiving Tamalada and gave some of these as prizes. I’ll share more about that event soon.

Strong, smart, successful, and beautiful women have always fascinated me – after hearing tales of Cleopatra I decided to pay homage to her with this fun and beatifying DIY.

Reportedly, Cleopatra had soft, supple skin and this may have been attributed to the stories of her bathing in milk. We then researched the potential benefits of milk to understand how it may have contributed to her gorgeous glow.

Milk naturally contains hydroxy acids, which are often incorporated into store-bought lotions and cleansers. Hydroxy acid is beneficial to skin because it is an exfoliant. It helps slough off dead skin cells to expose youthful and radiant skin.

Be Cleopatra for a day, and indulge in this decadent milk bath made with dried rose petals and lavender with the added benefit of therapeutic epsom salts. Warning: when you see how simple this DIY is, you might find a reason to soak in a milk bath every night!

*If you require a lactose free diet you can safely soak in a milk bath.

Milk Bath Supplies:

Glass container supplies:

  • Milk bottles or mason jars
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Funnel

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl. Use a funnel to help get the ingredients into your containers. We ordered these cute vintage-style milk bottles.

Pour one quarter of the bottle in a warm tub of water and soak for 20 minutes or longer. Enjoy the relaxing aroma of lavender with the medicinal qualities of epsom salts with milled milk.

Feel free to use any combination or additions of salts, fragrance, types of milk, etc. You can’t go wrong, so get creative and tell us about it; we’d love to hear your recipes and ideas!

Rinse the tub afterward to clear residue. Safe for lactose free needs. Enjoy!

Photography: Jenna Sparks / DIY: Thrifty Rehab