Cascarones aren’t just for Easter! If you are unfamiliar with cascarones, they are hollow eggs that are typically dyed, filled with paper confetti, and sealed with a piece of tissue paper. They are named cascarones after the Spanish word for shell “cascara.”

Gently breaking these confetti-filled eggs on someone’s head is believed to deliver good luck. It’s no wonder kids love this craft.

Fall is always a busy time of year with so many celebrations. While the adults are prepping and cooking, we try to keep the kids busy crafting. Coming up with new and fun craft ideas can be tricky, so we decided to mix-up traditions. For our recent Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) party, instead of decorating sugar skulls, the kids created and decorated calavera cascarones.

Because Dia de los Muertos is known for being colorful and whimsical; our cascarones continue this theme. We used several colors of tissue paper to decoupage our eggs. We also found neon puffy paint for the kids to decorate with.

Other variations could include covering the eggs in solid black tissue paper then use metallic or glow-in-the-dark puffy paint. The possible combinations are endless.

Don’t forget to celebrate the occasion and teach your children about Day of the Dead. We set up a mini altar that the children decorated.

No need to go crazy looking for supplies. Most of the supplies we used were found at my local King Soopers store.

Make a dozen or more and celebrate by breaking your cascarones over your friends’ or family members’ heads. Are you inspired to make cascarones this year with your children? We would love to hear your ideas and see your creations!

Calavera Cascarones (Skull Confetti Filled Eggs)

You Will Need:

  • Eggshells
  • Tissue paper, cut into small squares
  • Puffy paints
  • Scissors
  • Fine-tip paint brushes
  • Glue
  • Paper confetti or hole punched construction paper


  1. Gently tap and break the top of an egg. Peel away a small, approximately 1/2-inch hole. Empty the contents of the egg. Thoroughly rinse the eggshell and shake out excess water. Let the eggshell air dry upside down in an empty egg carton.
  2. When the eggshells are dry fill with confetti.
  3. Once filled, apply glue around the outside of the hole and cover with tissue paper. Continue covering the egg with glue and tissue paper until the entire shell is covered.

Photography by Jenna Sparks / Styling, Décor & DIY: Thrifty Rehab 

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