I want to take the time to say “muchas gracias.” I never imagined the love of the Mexican food and culture I grew up with would snowball into an amazing adventure and I have your enthusiasm and support to thank for that. If you guys could see how exited I get every time one of you takes a moment to comment, well you’d probably think I was loca.

Muy Bueno Cookbook Gracias

What’s truly loco, are all the wonderful things that your support has brought over the summer. Muy Bueno has been featured on Latina Lista and multiple food blogs. (Oh, did I mention I even got an email from KTEP in El Paso recently?) And while the exposure is fantastico the fact that I am able to share my culture makes me feel truly blessed and appreciative for each and every one of you.

But this blog and upcoming cookbook would not be Muy Bueno without the special women who are helping me so much throughout this journey.

First and foremost, to my Grandma who use to say anytime anyone would pull up a chair to eat one of her mouth-watering meals “Ven a comer, esta MUUUUUUY BUENO”. She passed away over six years ago, but in her 98 years she put her heart and soul into her cooking and thankfully passed that same passion and gift to my mother. I honesty feel my grandmas presence as I type this — She is my guardian angel.

To my beautiful mother who constantly tried to teach me how to cook. I use to hate it when I was young and as I grew older and started a family of my own I had a change of heart. Now as a wife and mother to two wonderful children it brings me great joy to share the culture and dishes I grew up with. Thank you mom for being my inspiration — You are the most amazing cook I know. I’ve always said that one day she’d be the Hispanic version of Paula Deen. I continue praying that one-day her rags to riches wishes will be fulfilled.

To my friend Jeanine who continues to get my inner artist excited. Her amazing photography is what has caught the eye of so many. Without her magical camera, lens, and talent this blog and cookbook would be nada! I don’t know about you, but when I click on a blog or flip through a cookbook and if it doesn’t have photos, I move on. I’m a very visual person and my brain just naturally gravitates towards eye candy. Gracias Jeanine for the beautiful images you continue to take of our Mexican fare.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all. You’re the reason I’m writing this very post, and I appreciate your support, your kind words and everything else that you do to make this journey a joy.