Yvette Marquez food travel blogger Ysleta mission in the background

You can take the girl out of El Paso, but you can’t take El Paso out of the girl! Guys…I road tripped to the Sun City — my hometown of El Paso, Texas in July for the annual Ysleta Mission Festival. It is the neighborhood church festival I used to go to every year when I lived in El Paso. 

The Ysleta Mission is the oldest continuously active parish in the state of Texas.

Visiting El Paso always brings back so many special memories. I remember walking to this mission as a little girl holding my grandmas’ hand. I remember her making gorditas for the church festival for hours. I remember all the delicious food, matachines (dancers), live music, and culture at the church festival.

Matachines dancers in El Paso

My grandma used to be a Guadalupana (female group devoted to the Virgen de Guadalupe) and a church volunteer and now my mom is a Guadalupana.

Food blogger in front of Gorditas food booth at Ysleta mission festival

I had not gone to the festival in over 20 years. The festival has certainly grown throughout the years and now my mother proudly volunteers and makes gorditas just like my grandma did. Gorditas are corn masa pockets that are traditionally filled with picadillo.

guadalupanas and carmelitas volunteers making Gorditas at church festival

Never did I predict the emotional reaction I would have when I took a bite of a gordita. I was overwhelmed with nostalgic feelings. I was flooded of the memories of seeing my grandma making these delicious gorditas for us at home and for the church.

frying Gorditas at a church festival in El Paso

That first bite was so comforting as if grandma made them just for me. They tasted like home.

Yvette Marquez food blogger with an order of Gorditas at Ysleta mission festival

This video is a passion project sharing everything I love about El Paso – the food, the culture, the community.

In the wake of the recent tragedy in El Paso, I hope this sheds some positive light on the beautiful city and people of El Paso.

I love my culture and the community of El Paso. I wanted to share the place where I come from because as my grandma always used to say, never forget where you come from.

Yvette and Vangie Muy Bueno authors in El Paso

I hope you enjoy watching and learning a little bit about my hometown of El Paso.

This video is dedicated to my grandma and my mom, and everyone who keep traditions alive on the border.

Blake and his abuela Vangie

I am so happy my videographer, Chris (Pure Cinematography) made the drive to El Paso to capture the Ysleta Mission Festival. And to Cristina Navarro for all these beautiful photos.

Watch this video: Ysleta Mission history and Festival.