Please help us give a big congratulations to Kalle Bergman, Editor in Chief of Honest Cooking, an international online culinary magazine, for his new and deliciously looking online food magazine.

Kalle’s idea of living the good life through food, and drink sounds like a perfect fit for just about all of us. His culinary expertise has been featured in Serious Eats and the Huffington Post. Honest Cooking is a uniquely designed sight and in Kalle’s words, “…has over 50 of the world’s most interesting food and beverage writers, bloggers, photographers, and chefs…”

We would like to invite all of you our loyal readers, loving, and supportive family and friends to embrace this refreshingly new online food magazine. Go to the site and help us congratulate Kalle for his inspirational idea. A sight that brings the world together with a whole lotta good eats and lip smacking drinks.

Please visit Honest Cooking, Twitter, or Facebook and give Kalle a little amor, Muy Bueno style. Besos!